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Because you've been looking for someone to publish your book, your search has landed you on our site. Therefore, you've done the 'write' thing, now let ABBA BOOKS Publishing House ensure that your book is published as an eBook and/or made available for Print-on-Demand.

the velvet rope

Chasing Ghosts

Tesla: Power and Light Screenplay

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You've found the frustrations submitting your project to those traditional publishing firms. Consequently, you may have attempted Do-it-Yourself (DIY), only to be confronted with formatting difficulties or cover design complications. As a result, you've found us. You've come to the right place if you've been asking yourself, "Where can I have my book published?"

The rough riders

Ghost files: singapore


The Theseus Paradox

New Writers Who've Created Novels

At ABBA BOOKS Publishing House, we've focused our niche on helping new writers to  become published authors. We understand that many writers fail to complete their project because they feel that their work will never be published. If you have always wanted your story to be published, we welcome your submission(s).

Stone of Destiny

Blood in the cabin

The Bane Bath Salts

The Ghost of Emmett Till

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Here at ABBA BOOKS Publishing House, we have found the most efficient, effective, and manageable tools for publishing eBooks and Print-on-Demand formats. After we obtain the rights to your book, we will design a beautiful cover, and then prepare your book to be sold as an eBook and paperback.

The day of the wave

The Rockman

Sleeping With The Devil's Demon: Based on Real Events

Toxic Tarot

Who Will Publish My Manuscript?

Furthermore, if you've asked that question of yourself, or others,'ve found your answer: We will publish your book! Check out who we are, how we operate, and how our processes work for you. Then, send us your manuscript. Start earning royalties from your labor of love. And don't forget about the satisfaction you'll feel after realizing that thousands...millions(?) of readers are enjoying your masterpiece.

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