Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully, we are able to supply you with vital information about our company.

Are there any costs that I will incur through this process?

No. We absorb all costs related to your cover design, formatting for eBook and POD platforms, and marketing.

How will my book be marketed?

We will feature your book on our website. We will use all the marketing tools available to us. We will market through many social media outlets. Your book will be listed with the Library of Congress, Bowker, and assigned its own distinct cataloging number.

What exactly do you do for me?

Publishing a book is an extremely difficult and time-consuming process. We’ve been established so that your work can be published with very little effort on your part. We take care of all the details for publication, so that you can continue doing what you love – writing more compelling books. Below is a list of our major responsibilities to you:

  •          List your book with the Library of Congress
  •          List your book with Bowker
  •          Edit your manuscript
  •          Design your paperback and eBook cover (Authors will be involved)
  •          Format your manuscript for both eBook and POD platforms
  •          Utilize all marketing tools available to us
  •          Assign your book to a unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
  •          Feature your book on our website
  •          Your eBook will be made available to the largest online audience
  •          Your book will be available for Print-on-Demand

What kind of royalties will I be earning?

Typically, our new authors are offered a very generous percentage of their book’s gross earnings (monthly sales reports will be issued). Higher percentages may be offered to authors contracting with us for additional titles.

How will I be paid?

You will be sent a monthly sales report, along with your check. Payments made through Paypal are also an option. ACH deposits may become available for our long-standing authors.

What would be the reason that my manuscript isn’t accepted by ABBA BOOKS Publishing House?

While we are committed to ensuring that all novice authors’ manuscripts are published, there may be instances where we will not pursue rights. Our Commissioning Editor will ultimately make the decision whether a manuscript meets our requirements. Please refer to our Submission Guidelines page.

If you find that our Frequently Asked Questions page is missing important information, fill out our contact form and fill us in.

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