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ABBA BOOKS Publishing House has been in the book business since 1993. Although our niche has been the college textbook industry, our love for writing led us to the independent publishing genre.

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Being authors ourselves, we understand the frustration faced with traditional publishers. For decades there has been one way to obtain publication for your manuscript: the suits!

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We know that although there are many tools available for DIY authors to use in obtaining publication, rigid policies, technical incompetence, and formatting complications continue to frustrate many budding authors.

Independent Publishing Frustrations

Now, there is another way! Through ABBA BOOKS Publishing House and our streamlined publishing techniques, authors have a much better chance of realizing their dream of becoming published. Our team of dedicated experts will ensure that your manuscript becomes a beautifully published work – both in eBook and POD formats.

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As an independent publishing firm, ABBA BOOKS Publishing House will completely remove the heavy burden of DIY publication, by doing it all for you. All you need to do is write compelling novels and follow our guidelines for submission. (See our Submissions pages for more details.) That’s it!


Our mission is to make publishing your work as painless as possible. After all, you’ve already done the difficult part – writing your masterpiece!

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If you feel that you still don’t have a good understanding of what we’re all about, please use our contact form (below), for any questions you may have; check out our FAQ page as well.