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ABBA BOOKS Publishing House is Customer Care Conscious

Please read our contact information carefully. We have been handling customer care issues for nearly 25 years. We know how to efficiently, and effectively, solve our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on our quick response times. When you submit your manuscript for acceptance, or contact us for any reason, through one of the email addresses below, you will instantly receive an acknowledgement.

Contact Information/Customer Care Hours of Operation

Because we are a non-traditional and independent publishing house, we typically work round-the-clock. Answering emails takes place nearly seven-days-a-week. We understand the importance of timely responses. We act quickly, so our customers don’t become frustrated waiting for replies. After the initial acknowledgement of your inquiry, or submission, we will typically follow-up with you between 24 – 48 hours.

Methods of Communication

We prefer to handle all communication through email. Below is the list of contact addresses you may use, depending on your inquiry:

  • Use this for all inquiries regarding submission guidelines and formatting instructions.
  • Use this for all inquiries concerning our website and/or marketing inquiries. Also, published authors may use this for requesting books to be featured on our site.
  • Use this for all other inquiries.

You may also use the contact form (below), where someone will respond to your inquiry quickly. Customer care is one of our top priorities. You have all the contact information you need to connect with us for any reason. We welcome your inquiries.

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