Submission Guidelines

Submission Process

Have you ever asked yourself the question: How do I get my book published? If so, the answer to your question will be found on this page. Pay close attention to our Submission Guidelines, because…

At ABBA BOOKS Publishing House we are interested in acquiring manuscripts that include compelling stories of adventure, drama, romance, comedy, religion, and/or love—we’re looking for imaginative and entertaining stories that satisfy our readers’ desires for entertaining stories.

Who should submit manuscripts to us?

We are primarily focused on receiving manuscripts from the novice writer. If you have failed to receive a contract from competing publishers in the past, ABBA BOOKS Publishing House was established to offer you publication in eBook and/or Print-on-Demand (POD) platforms.

We are a non-traditional publishing house. Our experience has shown that eBooks and Print-on-Demand is fast becoming the preferred medium for readers, authors, and publicists due to its efficient, quick-to-market approach.

You can learn more information regarding eBook and POD formats here.

Special note for authors of erotically themed manuscripts: We do not publish erotic, sexually graphic, or vulgar material.

Submission Guidelines

Our submission process requires us to perform intense examination of your manuscripts. There are various areas of focus we apply to each submission, so your patience during this process is expected. We will promptly acknowledge the receipt of your manuscript through email, and let you know within 30 days if we are interested in pursuing rights.

Please follow our submission guidelines closely (below). Attention to all the details will ensure that your manuscript is handled in a timely manner, while allowing us the opportunity to perform efficiently, on your behalf.

1.       Your submission must be emailed to []. This email address should not be used for any other purpose.

2.       Your email should include the title and author’s name in the subject line.

3.       Your manuscript should be attached to the email as an MS Word document, and in compliance with our Manuscript Formatting page. Larger files should be compressed within a “zip” file before sending.

4.       In the body of the email you should include a short biography, including your full, legal name, your publishing accomplishments – if any, and any pen names you’ve used.

5.       If you’ve submitted your work to any other publisher, include that information with dates, and an explanation as to the outcome.

6.       Include a brief synopsis of your story – 300 word maximum.

7.      At the bottom of the email, include your complete contact information.

Other Submission Guideline Issues You Should Consider

Your submission manuscript should reflect your best work. We understand everyone makes mistakes; however, we expect any submission to reflect a competent level of your writing skills and style. Please ensure that you have followed our Manuscript Formatting details. If we find that your work reflects our goals, policies, and procedures, you can feel confident that we will publish your manuscript/book.

Please note that submitting your manuscript is an acknowledgement by you, as Author, to enter negotiations for contract. That means that the person submitting the manuscript should have the right to do so; that no other publisher is currently considering its acquisition; that all rights to your manuscript are available. As a small publishing firm, we cannot afford to invest time, effort and resources on an ultimately disqualified manuscript. For this reason, we will not accept submissions that are under review by any other publisher. If there is any restrictive issue about the rights to the manuscript you are submitting, please include an explanation of the issue(s) in your email.

Because we represent novice authors, we do not contract with outside agents.

Thank you for your interest in ABBA BOOKS Publishing House. If you have further questions about the submission process, please direct them to [].

– Troy Christensen, Publisher

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