eBooks Plus Print-on-Demand (POD) Will Ensure That Your Book is Marketed Well


Why Choose eBooks Plus Print-on-Demand?

With an ever-increasing popularity for eBooks, supported devices make it possible that your eBooks will have the exposure they deserve, which will bring you more royalties.

eBooks are sustaining the bulk of the book market-share. Current figures show that they fill approximately half of the book market-share, and they are growing. Because of their growing popularity we have chosen to by-pass all other outlets by using eBook formatting and Print-on-Demand, exclusively, as our platforms for publishing.

With your book published and available as an eBook and POD, you’ll benefit by the greatest marketing tools available.


Print-on-Demand Is Efficient

Print-on-Demand (POD) is quickly replacing traditional publishing operations. Many small publishing firms are finding that POD’s lower inventory expenses, and management capabilities, are more accommodating to their needs. In the past, idle inventory has caused many small publishing houses to struggle.

With POD’s all-inclusive platform, authors are no longer required to wait to hear from publishers as to whether their manuscript was accepted or not. Most authors will become published through this expanding, exciting new market. ABBA BOOKS Publishing House has recognized this tremendous feature for authors, and is offering it as a preferred means of publishing.

As you will recognize, through reading our Submission Guidelines, ABBA BOOKS Publishing House is committed to authors becoming published. We are confident that utilizing these two tools (eBooks and POD) will ensure that every book published by ABBA BOOKS Publishing House will have the largest audience possible due to worldwide online marketing.

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