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Get Your Book Published Free

To begin with, I want you to know that my book was published free, with no – zero – zilch – nada – costs to me at all! Countless hours were spent writing my book, I didn't want to spend anything else to make sure my book was published. I did it, and so can you. Become a published author by checking out an amazing site where they have made it very easy to become a published author. They will publish your book for free. Imagine paying nothing...NOTHING! Imagine how you’ll feel after adding the title Author to your list of accolades.

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Further, I am going to let you in on a little-known site: ABBA BOOKS Publishing House. My book was published, and now I am a satisfied and happy customer...and an author. I am happier still to divulge that I did not spend one penny, and now my book is for sale on the largest platform for eBooks. It was published as an eBook and a paperback. Get your book published free too! Start tipping the scale in your favor.

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As a result from your own hard work, start making money. I understand that it is difficult to write a novel. It takes months, sometimes years to complete a project. Now is the time to get pay-back. Just follow a few simple submission guideline instructions. Accomplish another goal: get your book published free, become a published author, and start earning money.

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This Is The Best Part

Do you want to know the best part of being an independent author? You can work from anywhere - as long as you have access to a computer and the internet. In addition, you can work while on vacation, in your spare time, full time, or any time you choose...anywhere in the world! Take control of your time, where you are always your own boss as an independent author. Take advantage of your talent - claim the reward you deserve from your hard work - become an author!

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One final note: The site I am referring you to is my own. I am an author and publisher. Most notably, I have taken great pains to understand all the intricate details of publishing, so you won't have to. Publishing is a very detailed and difficult process. After all the time you've spent writing, you don't want to spend additional time figuring out how to publish and market your own book. We will take care of that for you...for free! Finally, Just follow our simple submission guidelines and enjoy being an author.

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